The Southern Agri Fund (SAF)

Agriculture, Rural Infrastructure

The Southern Agri Fund (SAF)

The Fund will pursue investment opportunities in agricultural assets, agribusiness, agricultural and rural infrastructure. We have structured the Fund with the aim of providing investors with the ability to participate in the risks and rewards of one or more specific, agricultural investments whilst still benefiting from the economies of scale and administration support of a multi-asset Fund.

SAF is a sub-fund of The Guardian Investment Fund ARSN 168 048 057.

The Fund gives investors a specific beneficial interest in a particular asset or assets which is achieved by allocating assets to a specific Class of Units. Investors in a Class of Units share in the benefits, risks and returns of their particular asset or assets but generally do not participate in the income or returns from other investments of other classes of units. The Fund gives investors the opportunity to choose which assets, or type of assets, investors wish to invest in. Investors are able to choose your investment based on your assessment of risk and reward.

Part 2 of the PDS contains details of the specific asset or assets being purchased and outlines the various features and investment criteria of those investments and the rights, obligations, term, and investment strategy of the Class of Units offered.
Another advantage of investing in the Fund is that Classes of Units will be offered with either a fixed investment term or an ongoing investment term. For fixed term Classes of Units, the asset or assets allocated to that Class are only intended to be held for a defined period of generally between four to eight years. At the end of this period, unless 75% of Investors in that Class decide otherwise, the property will be sold and proceeds distributed to those Investors.

Classes of Units with an ongoing term will carry withdrawal rights and we will aim to give Investors in those Classes the opportunity to redeem Units and realize part of their investment from time to time, though the investment should be considered long-term.