Information Memorandums

Do you require a compliant IM to market to sophisticated investors?

Professional, Comprehensive, Accurate

An Information Memorandum allows you to present a professional, comprehensive, accurate, and attractive financial picture what you are promoting to any potential investors. From an investor’s point of view, a quality Information Memorandum demonstrates the professionalism and motivation of the sellers and says a lot about the standard of the management which will make a difference to their decision on whether to invest in what is being offered.
An offer made via an Information Memorandum is only available to persons who qualify as wholesale clients (as defined in section 761G of the Corporations Act), sophisticated investors (as defined in section 761GA of the Corporations Act), and experienced investors.

Our services include

Guardian Securities Limited, as an AFSL holder, can act an Authorised Intermediary for clients seeking to raise equity from wholesale and sophisticated investors. Guardian’s services include:

• General advice on the structure of the offer;
• Ensuring the IM meets compliance requirements;
• Receiving and verifying investor application and ID forms;
• Receiving and holding all investor application funds until the minimum subscription is met.