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We have a selection of funds that are suitable for most retail offerings. We can assist you with the most appropriate structure to meet your fund raising goals.

The Guardian Investment Fund (TGIF)

ARSN 168 048 057
The Fund has been designed to cater for a range of investment opportunities that require a registered managed investment scheme but without the costs of each client set up their own scheme. The costs of operating the Fund are shared between the various SPV’s established to undertake a specific property investment or business opportunity.
This fund is designed for non-trading trust structures.

Master Mortgage Fund No.6 (MMF6)

First mortgage contributory mortgage scheme

• You select which loan to invest in
• Your rate of return is fixed for the term of the mortgage.
• You receive a monthly distribution payment directly into your bank account.
• Your investment term is generally 12 months
• Guardian has extensive experience in managing mortgage investments.
• The borrower pays all costs associated with the mortgage.

SMSF Property Fund (SMSFPF)

ARSN 159 753 474
The Fund is a registered managed investment scheme with the ability to create special purpose companies for each specific development project or property investment. You acquire, upon subscription for of a Class of Units allocated to a specific Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), a beneficial ownership interest in the property development or investment undertaken by that SPV.