Our Mortgage Fund

Master Mortgage Fund No 6 (MMF6)
Do you want first mortgage security offering a regular return and managed by a team with over 50 years experience?

Trust our contributory mortgage scheme

Guardian operates the Master Mortgage Fund No.6 (MMF6) which is a contributory mortgage scheme offering investors a competitive return with registered mortgage security. Investors have a beneficial interest in the project they invest in and can choose from a range of investment offers that suits their risk profile. We have expertise in all types of property, especially residential development.
With MMF6, you can select the offers you want to invest in. Each offer is described in detail so you know exactly where your investment is going.

Why invest in MMF6

• You select which loan to invest in
• Your rate of return is fixed for the term of the mortgage.
• You receive a monthly distribution payment directly into your bank account.
• Your investment term is generally 12 months
• Guardian has extensive experience in managing mortgage investments.
• The borrower pays all costs associated with the mortgage.

Six Questions You Need To Ask

While many investment offers have a number of features that may apply, there are six basic questions investors need to ask when considering investment alternatives offered by promoters, whether they are for shares, property or other investments. These are:
• HOW much money do you want?
• WHAT do you want it for?
• WHO is looking after my money?
• WHAT’S in it for me and is it fair value for risk?
• When do I get my money back?
• HOW do I get my money back?
Too often investors look at a return ON equity and sometimes ignore return OF equity. Higher than normal returns generally mean a higher risk attached to that return. The risk tolerance of investors vary greatly according to net worth, experience, age, portfolio diversification, taxation and retirement benefits.
At Guardian Securities all of our offers fully disclose the amount of funds to be raised, investment details of the loan for which funds will be applied, information on Guardian Securities and the applicable management fees charged, return to Investors, the term of the Investment and how investor funds will be repaid.

How To Invest

• Download the MMF6 PDS and read in full
• Download the SPDS for the loan you are interested in
• Download the application form if you wish to invest online.
• Complete and sign the Application Form and Consent to Invest Form and return to Guardian
• Deposit your funds into Guardians bank account, or post a cheque to Guardian.