Premium Income Fund

PIF is an indirect investment in property that pools investors’ money to invest by holding preference shares simultaneously across a variety of property development projects. Your investment is ‘indirect’ because you do not have an interest in any single project but receive distributions of income from all projects PIF invests in. PIF therefore remains open to investors continuously, and overlapping projects are selected and completed as inflows allow


The Portfolio’s equity investments are arranged as Equity Funding Facilities, which typically include security over all the Project Site assets, and if required insurance of the facility capital and income.

The design of the Portfolio held in the Sub Trust, seeks to invest in a diversified selection of Project Sites that are suitable for various types of property products, and in locations where research has indicated there is a demand. For example, typical residential property products may include apartments, or house and land subdivisions. However, other specialised residential property may include student accommodation close to universities, retirement villages, ‘over-fifty’ lifestyle resorts, short stay and leisure complexes, or mixed-use sites.

The Portfolio diversifies the Sub Trust monies over multiple Project Sites by providing equity funding facilities. Each Project Site will be owned by a company incorporated as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) by a property developer. The SPV typically uses the equity funding facility provided by the Sub Trust to acquire land, complete design and feasibility reports, and obtain a local authority Development Approval, and if sufficient funding is available to complete construction of the project.

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