The SMSF Property Fund (SMSFPF)

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Property Development

SMSF Property Fund (SMSFPF)

Each development undertaken by the fund and the underlying SPV is managed by SMSF Property Australia Pty Ltd as the development manager on behalf of investors in that class of units. Since the inception of the fund in 2015, the development manager has managed ten seperate documents on behalf of the fund with an “on completion” value in excess of fifty million dollars.

The fund is a registered managed investment scheme with the ability to create social purpose companies for each specific development project or property investment. You acquire, upon subscription for a class of units allocated to a specific special purpose vehicle (SPV), a beneficial ownership interest in the property development or investment undertaken by the SPV.
As a development process through various stages towards completion, the SPV may issue preference shares to another registered scheme The Guardian Investment Fund ad Development Income Fund (DIF) course of interests, By allowing a SPV to issue preference shares towards the end of a development, it can utilise short terms funding provided by the development income fund to complete the development without external debt or to bring forward a development timetable to take advantage of market conditions.
Details of the issue of any preference shares by an SPV to the Development income fund will be provided in the Part 2 PDS issued for that class of units.

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