The Guardian Investment Fund (TGIF)

ARSN 168 048 057
Property, Business, Loans

The Guardian Investment Fund

The Fund has been designed to cater for a range of investment opportunities that require a registered managed investment scheme but without the costs of each client setting up their own scheme. The costs of operating the Fund are shared between the various SPV’s established to undertake a specific property investment or business opportunity.
TGIF qualifies as an AMIT.

The Fund is designed to engage in investment opportunities in Australia as well as taking an interest, via the preference or ordinary shares, in companies that may offer regular distributions to investors over the medium to long-term.
The Fund is registered with ASIC as a managed investment scheme with the ability to create different Classes of Interests for each specific asset type or property investment. Each Class of Interest is generally represented by us setting up a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to undertake the task set out in a Part 2 Product Disclosure Statement distributed to Investors seeking to invest in that particular offer.
Investors acquire upon subscription to the Fund, a Class of Interest that is allocated to a specific Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), giving them a beneficial interest in the property investment or business opportunity undertaken by that SPV.

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